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18 Sep 2013

Disconnecting a Citrix Session with CTXDiscon

Windows has a command line tool which allows you to disconnect any RDS Session. The command line tool is “TSDISCON”, available in the System32 folder. Now, if you have connected using XenApp or XenDesktop, this tools does
14 Mar 2013

ICAConnect version 1.2

I’ve update my command line tool to connect to XenApp server, ICAConnect. The new version has two new features: Support 32bit color depth My fine colleague, Dennis Geerlings, has updated the option to connect to a XenApp
19 Dec 2012

Login VSI 3.7 Released

Login VSI version 3.7 has been released this morning (Amsterdam local time). Read the complete press release at the bottom of this post. The most important new features are: Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
20 Apr 2012

Connecting to XenApp server through command-line

Citrix Admins out there probably know the issue; a user reports a problem and you need to troubleshoot the problem on the specific server that this user was logged on to. Logging on with user credentials to