Monthly Archive:: April 2012

25 Apr 2012

ICA connections using Powershell – Part 1

Since version 10.x of the ICA Client, Citrix has shipped the ICA Client Object (ICO) SDK with the installation. This allows developers to control the ICA Client. Writing managed code using ICO is a breeze (my ICAConnect
24 Apr 2012

RDP not working after XenApp 6 uninstall

A while ago I was doing a large VSI project in a XenApp environment. While the results were not what we expected, I wanted to rule out that the bottleneck was XenApp itself. So using RDP as a connection
20 Apr 2012

Connecting to XenApp server through command-line

Citrix Admins out there probably know the issue; a user reports a problem and you need to troubleshoot the problem on the specific server that this user was logged on to. Logging on with user credentials to
18 Apr 2012

Deinstallation of DDC not working

As said in my previous post, I had some issues with deinstalling the Desktop Deployment Controller (DDC) after configuring the reverse lookup zone to get my DDC’s working. When pressing uninstall, the process stopped within a few seconds
18 Apr 2012

XenDesktop DDC Connection Troubles

I’m working on a nice Login VSI benchmarking project at a customer. This is an VDI environment of 1500 machines on vSphere hosts (FlexPod hardware which has Cisco UCS Servers, Cisco Nexus switches and NetApp storage built in). We’ll
16 Apr 2012

Finally starting

Well, it’s about time I put my little space on the web to some use. I’ve had this domain for over a few years already, without putting anyting usefull on it. Ok… there was this time that