ICAConnect is a commandline tool which can be used to connect to a XenApp 6.5 (an lower) Farm. XenApp versions 7 and above have not been tested with this tool. To read more about this tool, read this post.



To disconnect a terminal server session, the command TSDiscon can be used. The problem in Citrix environments, is that TSDiscon will disconnect the session, but will leave the Citrix Receiver running. CTXDiscon a small commandline tool which disconnects the current Citrix session and closes the Citrix Receiver on the end-point device. To read more about this tool, visit this post.

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  1. Running ctxdiscon on a command line gives me this error.
    “The program can’t start because wfapi.dll is missing from your computer. Try Installing the program to fix this problem.”

    Do you know where can I get the valid dll for my issue?

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