Deinstallation of DDC not working

As said in my previous post, I had some issues with deinstalling the Desktop Deployment Controller (DDC) after configuring the reverse lookup zone to get my DDC’s working. When pressing uninstall, the process stopped within a few seconds displaying a “failed” status.

This was actually an easy thing to troubleshoot since the deinstallation logs everything to a file. The file showed an entry stating something about “firewall” and “failed”. (I don’t know the exact message anymore) The servers were configured to have the Windows Firewall service set to “Disabled”, meaning that this firewall was not running at all.

This issue was solved quite quickly by setting the Windows Firewall service to automatic, starting the service and conducting the uninstall again.

The installation went without problems (in regards to the firewall), it wants to open up port 80 for DDC communication, but it doesn’t (and doesn’t have to) since the firewall is disabled. But uninstalling apparently failed since it wants to undo the firewall changes. I would say this is a little bug the good team at Citrix should solve.

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